Programmatic Approaches for Achieving Our Mission and Vision

Over the past seven years, we have operated multiple initiatives. Going forward, the foundation’s work will be focused programmatically on Early Childhood. At the same time, we will continue to honor the interests and intentions of our founders through several Legacy Programs. This shift, depicted in the graphic below, has several implications:

  • Our previous Early Learning work will be broadened to reflect the many aspects of Early Childhood that contribute to the healthy growth and development of young children and the well-being of their families. Learn more here.
  • Some of our existing program areas (including our Family Philanthropy Initiative, parts of our Seventh-day Adventist Initiative and the Bainum Foundation Farm) will become part of our Legacy Programs. These programs reflect the interests of the Bainum family and, while supported by the foundation staff, most have been separately funded by our founders and other Bainum family members. Learn more here.
  • Aspects of our existing Food Security Initiative and Seventh-day Adventist Initiative that relate directly to early childhood will now become part of our Early Childhood program. Learn more here.
  • Other aspects of our existing work (including parts of our Food Security Initiative and Seventh-day Adventist Initiative) will be discontinued over the next few years, with significant support provided to affected partners throughout this transition. Learn more here.

Where We're Focused

We’re also shifting the kind of work we do, focusing our efforts where we believe we can make the greatest impact as a funder and partner. The following table summarizes our programmatic focus, explaining what we now do and what it looks like in action.

What we do:

What this looks like in action:

1. Connect

people and ideas

Connecting stakeholders and facilitating conversations to build collaborative relationships



Creating coalitions and forums intended to support coordinated work, including bringing funders together


strength and access

Developing organizations’ capabilities, ensuring equitable access to quality services/resources, and gathering and sharing data and insights


experience and learnings

Using our resources to share knowledge, voices and stories